The Universe Loves You


Signs are everywhere and if you pay attention, it feels like the world is on your side and can be a powerful source of comfort.

I had a set of wines all set to talk about this week.  But that will have to wait.  As I walked into one of my favorite shoppes, Wine World, one of those aforementioned signs was shown to me.

Upon entry, the first thing I see, is this incredibly charming display for California Karma.  Of all the bottles in plain sight, this is what I see first. This is no accident.  Or it could be the strategically placed set-up near the front, but still.   And yes I realize it’s just the name of the wine.   But is there more to this quantum story?

So after this prolonged introduction, how is the wine itself?   I had their 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon and it’s tremendous.    It’s lighter tasting than many Cab’s that I’ve had, but that doesn’t diminish how tasty it is.   I may have detected some plums or even a brown sugary finish.  But I can’t be certain.  Further research has yet to reveal what fruits and flavors may have been added to make this so wonderful.

After reading their story, I can appreciate the simplicity and no nonsense approach to their production.   Maybe I will try the Chardonnay in the future.  But maybe just one karmic experience at a time.

Less than 10 years old, the Paso Robles, based winery shows us a different take on Cabernet, that is friendly and approachable, just like their synopsis reads.

And ladies and gentleman, that is what wine is meant to be, friendly and approachable.  And I will add relatable and endearing.    And with a price tag of $12.99, it’s all those superlatives and more.

They suggest having it with meat or pasta, but I enjoyed my glass tonight with a nice homemade whole wheat chicken quesadilla.   And they complemented each other well.

And that’s the fun of wine pairing, you can create your own duos and your own destiny.   Just like karma. And karma can be a beautiful thing, if we create it as such.

Thanks so much.