Anything But


In nearly all instances, it’s better to focus on the positives.   I’ll try to do so here. However, it saddens me that a wine such a powerful name, could be so disappointing.

I love throwing around powerful words, such as inspiration and emotion.  It feels good just writing about it. So when I stumble upon a wine entitled, Inspired, I take notice.  And I was making, what I thought at time time, was an impassioned and life altering purchase.  This should have been my destiny.  I could not be more wrong.

I was all set to write a, dare I say, inspired post.   I was all jazzed up to bring forth some positive energy, that would make you look in the mirror and say, I am awesome and I am here to inspire!   No.  Not this post.  This wine did not live up to these unrealistic expectations.   See how I built this up all for nothing?

I was sending friends pictures of this bottle and they all knew, this was a wine hand crafted for me, and it was going to be delicious.  A wine for the ages.  Absolutely not.

Now it’s not terrible.  It’s just not very good.  I had a hard time finishing my glass.   I’ve had much worse wines but this was a touch below mediocre.  I am a fan of Meritage wines and red blends, but this was a bogey.    Perhaps their combination of Merlot, Zinfandel, and Petit Verdot doesn’t mesh well.   And because I hyped it up so much in my head, it’s plausible that it tastes worse than it really is.   This is all a matter of taste and in my mind, but it makes me sad it didn’t live up to my (unrealistic?) expectations.

I had tunnel vision. I saw the label.  I saw the word ‘Inspired’, and was sold.   If a wine has a cool label, like this one does, I will be extra curious.  But just like a book, don’t judge a wine by it’s label.   Some of my favorite bottles have the most basic labels.  But a pretty one is hard to resist.  And the nerd in me really wanted to like this wine.

Looking through the incomplete website, you see spine chilling images, of folks doing  and quotes that get cut off across the homepage.   Just another line in a comedy of errors.

Believe me, I really wanted to like this wine.  I wanted to crown it as an achievement in my tasting experience, but that won’t be happening.

As always, just because I wasn’t happy with it, doesn’t mean that you’ll yield the same results.   We all have different palates.  Our preferences evolve as we evolve. Maybe a few years ago, Inspired, would have done just that.  The raw emotion will have to wait another day, or the next uplifting moment could be just a post away.

Stay inspired.




Boordy Brings It


Boordy is the first winery I ever visited.  So I’m partial and nostalgic to them.    They know how to throw events, concerts, and festivals.   They were  my first tasting and  tour.   So the soft spots just keep on coming.  They are a big part of why I love wine so much.

In November, there was another first.  It’s the first time I joined an exclusive wine club.   And of course it was Boordy’s.  I don’t think any of these things are accidents.  It could be fate or destiny.  Or both.

Now the perks are mentioned in the link above.  Or I’ll link it to you again here.  And I am grateful to be a part of this thing. Even if I don’t continue on, I can say I was a part of a club.   I may look at other wineries to do the same.  But one step at a time.

* 2013 Dry Rose – It’s a charming, light bodied wine that isn’t something I usually like to have.  But at the tasting I enjoyed it. It was easy to drink and didn’t come off too sweet. The synopsis is very simple to understand.  It states it’s similar to the roses of Provence and combines saignee juices of their varietals grown on their property.  One thing that stands out is that their grapes are 100% grown in Maryland.  Not every Maryland winery can make that claim.  There is something to be said for keeping it local.  A lot of wine aficionados appreciate that fact alone.

* 2008 Ruby Port – Now I don’t seek out Ports.   It’s just not my glass of wine.   Now I appreciate that it’s a dessert wine, after a hearty meal.  We actually opened this bottle, this past Sunday, for a birthday celebration.  So my experience goes beyond the original tasting.   The description reads a mix of plums and chocolate.  Both, especially the latter are detectable. Or maybe, once again, I tell my mind there are plums in there.  But I think I got a taste.   We enjoyed this with some Dove Chocolates, Coconut Cake, and Chocolate Cupcakes.

* 2012 Landmark Reserve – What this package is named if honor of.  Or maybe I just think so.  Oh well.. My favorite combinations of some of my favorite grapes – Merlot, Syrah, Petit Verdot, and Cabernet Sauvignon.   Label mentions briar fruit and chocolate are detected.  I’l have to see if I can taste those flavors.  For now, this bottle is killer.  I think it’s incredible.  And though I only had it at the tasting, it was worth getting the package for this alone.  This will be opened for a special occasion.

More on this phenomenal series can be found here.

The next package comes in February, and it will be a pleasure to do a recap.   I have seen what will be included, and a couple of my favorites are involved.  I am elated.  I will also, in a future post, talk about these.

I will also do recaps of other future events I may attend here.

Boordy will always have a special place in my heart.   And I thank them, for being one of the catalysts, for my worship of wine.

Thanks so much.



Sip Baltimore Style


I was grateful to be invited to a friend’s birthday party last night, at Sip Kitchen & WIne Bar.  If you drive on Key Highway, you might miss it, but you wouldn’t want to. Barely open over a month, this place makes an already stellar wine drinking experience, all that much better. It may have been overwhelming at first, but that fear wore off instantaneously.

There is so much to like about Sip, that this will not be dedicated to one post.

How it works is simple.  I ordered a prepaid micro chipped card (up to any amount I want) from the bar, just as if I were ordering a drink.  I leave the bartender a great tip, as if I ordered a drink, and the the card is handed to me.   This is where the inspiration begins…

There are over 100 bottles from which to indulge from.    I wish I had taken more photos.    The card is inserted into the side and then the choices are abundant and you’re not trapped, because you can order a 1 oz. pour, a 3 oz. half glass, or the full 6 oz. pour.  So you’re not stuck with a wine you don’t like any time for too long. Very exciting stuff!   It’s like being a kid on a shopping spree or at the candy shoppe!




The money is automatically deducted, which towards the end of the balances, lead to some funny situations.   It was surreal trying to track down wines that matched a 1 oz. pour of under $2, or whatever was close to the balance of the card.   Needless to say, there were final balances of $.40-$.90 or similar.

The selections are all over the spectrum.  Plenty of whites.  Plenty of reds.  Lots of light, medium, and full bodied selections.   What was drank was too much to name.  And these pictures will not do this complete justice.

The food and service were tremendous as well.   The staff seemed genuine and happy to help. The charcuterie and cheese plate was magnificent, as were the fries with various sauces.

The real charm comes from talking about all the wines from the pours.    The ritual of discussing each glass, made this experience so authentic.   It brings about a unique and positive social experience.  It felt like a race at times, but there is where the fun comes from.   At the same time, it’s a marathon to try every selection available.

The vibe was fantastic.  A lot of people enjoying themselves, their company, and the libations.  I felt like I was on vacation.  I can’t wait to be back.

More to come.



Williamsburg – Post Holidays


I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and are enjoying the New Year.    It feels bittersweet for them to be over.  But onto another positive write up about wine!   In a previous post, I mentioned how the vibe and wines of the town of Williamsburg and their respective winery felt like Christmas.

So we enjoyed the Susan Constant Red, but this time we did have the 2011 Lord Botetourt Red.  It tasted even better than last spring.

I am glad we save special bottles like this for special occasions.  We have gone past Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have amazing wines with just as inspiring meals.

I had mentioned previously that there was a grass/straw component to the wine.   There is something different about this taste.  It tastes like this earth.  It tastes natural. It tastes heavenly.  Unless I am tricking myself, this could be it!    The toastiness is easily detectable and the medium tannins were a great complement.

We enjoyed this wine with a great London Broil, potatoes, broccoli, and fresh baked bread.  A hearty meal which gives justice to the meal and bottle itself.  Tremendous stuff.

To me, this isn’t the typical full bodied, peppery, oaky red wines I enjoy the most.  But, this is on par with some of the best wines I have drank.  The winery states that it’s a fuller bodies red but for me it tastes more medium bodies, and that’s cool. These will all taste different to us.

I look forward to finding more wines containing Petit Verdot and more with these ingredients of the earth.   Another intriguing bit is the description says there is a hint of veginess.   Where that is I don’t know. Maybe I’ll detect it in the future.

All I know is I cannot say enough good things about the 2011 Lord Botetourt Red.  This is an absolute gem.

I can’t wait to head back to Williamsburg.

Happy New Year.