A Tale of Two Parties


Beaujolais Nouveau has been quite the hip and niche  thing to celebrate, especially in the past few years.  I’ll admit before the Internet blew up like it had, I only heard about this celebration in passing.  I wasn’t into wine like I am now.  So I thought nothing good or bad of it.  I simply took it for granted.

Then you could say I’ve grown up and matured.  Maybe.

I’ll keep the explanation of this celebration brief. And links have been provided throughout.

The event has been a phenomenon thanks in part to Georges Duboeuf and his marketing and creative labels.  He’s also very passionate about what he does.   He has a gravitas and panache that many of us are capable of having but don’t always push forth on that inspiration.  I know I can attest to that at a multitude of times.

On the third Thursday of every month this wine is released to the public, irregardless of harvest times and meant to be purchased and consumed on that day.

The grapes are anywhere from just six-to-eight weeks old and meant to be drank young.   The wine is made from Gamay grapes and it’s required by law to be picked by hand.   Plenty of information is spread throughout if you want to research further.  But I hope you get the gist of it.

Many folks are purists and feel that this wine should only be drank on this day and not again for another year.  I respect that tradition. However, I like traditions myself.  To me this this is now the (un)official start to the holiday season.  The third Thursday has a ring to it, which of course precedes the 4th Thursday which is this obscure holiday based on giving thanks.  Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

My close friends and I now have a pre-holiday gathering revolving around the celebration of the harvest and Turkey Day.

There’s so many bottles based on this event but for the life of me I always find the same two.  I scour many stores and none seem to get anymore. Perhaps before these wines become too skunked to taste or past its sell by date, I’ll find others to write about.  Which means I have till Spring.  If.


Bottle number one is from the aforementioned Mr. Dubouef himself.   This was fantastic.  And I want to drink it.  My pals felt the same.  There was a sweeter berry then just the cherry.  It wasn’t strawberry.  In doing in a bit of cheating I discovered the winning ingredient was raspberry.  I should have recalled.  I’ve drank this before.  Maybe I was thinking too hard. Maybe I’m over-analyzing.  But I do adore this wine and intend to purchase more bottles over the holidays.


This is a winner and it went perfectly with our cheese and crackers spread before we enjoyed our main course.   The problem (if you can call it that) is we went through this one in no time.  It was meant to be part of our feast as well but we loved it so much it was dismantled in barely half-an-hour. Oops!   This light-bodied goodness can go with anything.  It can be savored alone or with any feast you choose. Have some fun with it.  We did.

There were times I sipped that tasted better than others.  I felt like I was drinking candy and that’s a positive.  It felt like happiness and it felt like the holidays.   I am so happy I chose this bottle to be opened for this gathering of close buds.   It got better with time and I would love to buy another bottle and let it breathe for a few days.   I am salivating at the thought.


Next up is the DeBeaune.  To me this didn’t come close to replicating the DuBouef version. Nor did it have to but it wasn’t even a contest.  I purchased both at the same time since I was indecisive.  I rather have two to compare and contrast anyways.

There’s nothing bad about it.  It just felt like an ordinary table wine to me. However, this would also be great at any party.   I may not have not loved it but I know many who say they enjoyed it more than the DuBouef.

The display at the store was all about this one as opposed to the ‘understated’ DuBouef.  Funny.

I brought it to a friends gathering this past Sunday and I barely got to have some myself.  It was gobbled up in minutes.  So somebody liked it or it was the only bottle opened at the time.  I’ll go with the former on this one and maybe not project so much.

I did my best to enjoy with a wonderful cheese and vegetable platter.

That’s the fun of this journey.  We all will have differing opinions and respect one another’s palate.  In a few weeks my mind could change on one or both.

I am excited as to what the next month will bring in terms of wine and food experiences.  I hope I will be able to expound on the great holiday parties and pairings that are to come.

Tradition might be altered but I believe these and many other wines can be enjoyed whenever you want.  As long as there’s good company, good food, and most of all a good energy around, then I’m all for it.   I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I’d like to thank Total Wine for their assistance last week.

I wish you all a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving.

Take good care.







The Mount

I don’t know where the time goes. We’re only eight days away from Thanksgiving and the timing of this post could not be more picture perfect.

And speaking of pictures.   I took a lot of them for this weeks post.  The experience and views at Mount Felix were absolutely off-the-charts inspiring.


For a couple of months I was intending to write about their Zuccato Wine. My genuine concern is that by the time I paid a visit the wine would already be gone.

I had made several trips to local wine shoppes and they said it hadn’t come in.  Which either told me they were already out or it had yet to be shipped. To my pleasant surprise, it was the latter.

Last week I made the trek to the beautiful winery to hopefully try the Zuccato along with some other tasty treats.  This was my second visit so I had some idea of what to expect.  But I was sure I was in for another day of fun and adventures.

The location is truly off the beaten path in historic Havre de Grace, MD.


After soaking in the remarkable and breathtaking views, a visit was made to their tasting room.

Mary, whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting before, was more-than-cordial and welcoming. She gave me the go ahead to take all the snapshots spread throughout this recap.  I’m grateful for that.

The room itself is so cozy.  There’s a few stools in the room and a table in an adjacent room for sipping and relaxation.  It has a very zen quality about it.   Most tasting rooms do.  We’re all there for the same reason and the energy that resonates is synonymous with that.


I want to keep the focus on the Zuccato.  This wine is so perfect for the holidays.  And when we think pumpkin, we might immediately think Thanksgiving.  But even before I sampled it, I had an inkling that this could just be perfect for the month of December as well.

Come to think of it, any wine is perfect for you whenever you want it.   If it makes you feel good than have it whenever you choose.

I was fortunate to try it chilled as well as well as warm.  I’m not sure which one I liked more.  It was a warmer day for the tasting so the chilled version was light and refreshing.   When heated up it reminded me of Christmas. And that gives me the warm and fuzzies.  There’s nothing too sweet or overpowering about this wine.  The pumpkin, apple, and spices complement each other well.  It’s a wine to be shared with friends or enjoyed in solitude.  Whatever your pleasure.

I immediately bought a bottle on the spot.   In hindsight I wish I bought more.   Luckily, I still can.  But you know this will go fast.  As you can see, these treasures are all ready to go out and will be extinct for the season in no time!


Mary mentioned that last year this wine was gone by late August.  How crazy is that?  But that signifies how great this wine truly is.  And how much people love their favorites and like to get a jump on all the seasonal stuff as soon as it’s released.

Here we are in almost mid-November and they were just released and ready to be shipped out to local wine retailers.  The timing and the everything happens for a reason analogy does apply here.   I had intended to come several times back in September and October, and either kept putting it off or got side-tracked.   Fate and destiny were on my side.

So what took nearly three months later than last year for the wine to be ready?  Mary mentioned they had an issue with the bottler which is something that is often beyond anyones control.   Things happen for a reason.  I believe this was worth the wait.  Actually I know it is.

I will be enjoying this wine more than once over during the next couple of months.  I cannot wait. I greatly anticipate indulging in more of their wines in the future.

There’s a beautiful patio area to relax and enjoy live music, along with other fun events too!

If you’re interested in learning more, here is their contact information.


I’ll part ways with some photos, including some new animal friends we made, which always makes any experience infinitely better!


Here is Romero, their mascot!  The Neopolitan Mastiff may look intimidating but he’s anything but.  He was happy to make some new pals! And we were too!

Happy Holiday!








Boordy – Never Booring


Another Landmark Reserve party took place this past Friday.  This can only mean another post dedicated to our pals at Boordy.

This was by far the most laid back of the events I’ve attended and I’ve been to a few. Previous posts are linked here and here.

The package this week was created with the holidays in mind.


The 2014 Dry Rose will be used for a Friendsgiving event this year.  It’s just too good not too.   It was very light and easy to sip. Myself of course had no problem asking for repeated samples to taste.

My friends and I have always had a Rose or a White along with a Red to complement our hearty meal.  And I look forward to opening up a bottle from the package this year.


Come to think of it, the majority of the bottles from previous packages I’ve yet to open.  I still have the 2013 Rose or two in my collection.   I can only hope I’m invited to a few Friends and Thanksgiving celebrations this year.  There’ll be plenty to celebrate and be thankful for.

Otherwise some of these bottles are meant to age and sit for  a couple of years.  I do have the patience for it.  When it’s the appropriate time to open it will mean that much more.

The 2012 Merlot Reserve is going to need time to age and grow.  It tasted fine but you know it’s going to get better with time.  It’s cliché but it’s apropos to this bottle.  It was too light and too easy to drink for a Merlot.  As time goes on I hope this becomes a success.  My hunch says yes.

What isn’t pictured is the 2014 South Mountain Red.  This red blend brings some of my favorite grapes; Cabernet Franc, Cabernet, Sauvignon, Syrah, and I’m now happy to say Merlot!  This goes down so smooth.  The vanilla and black cherry is detectable along with that oak I love so much. This was surprisingly lighter than I suspected considering the parties involved but this is a winner.  I wish I purchased a bottle to go.


Finally, the 2013 Merlot did not start off as anything special but really got good after 15 minutes of breathing time out of the bottle.   I could easily drink this on a regular basis.   However with the price and prestige of  the wine, this will be reserved (no pun intended) for celebrations and special occasions.    That can be said for all of these wines



I enjoyed with this with a fantastic personal pizza.   For more on this delectable pie, click here!.

The event was more laid-back than usual.  The event, live music, and tasting was moved indoors to correspond with the gradual change in climate.  But that didn’t take away from the fun.  It was more of a cozier atmosphere than usual.  My friends and I enjoyed ourselves and this event told another great and different story like all the others have.

One year in, I’m honored to be a member.

And speaking of time,  here is a preview of a future hopeful gem :


For more on Boordy’s Landmark Reserve Club or if you’re interested in joining, click here!

Thanks so much.



Pumpkin Paradise


I had all the intentions of writing about pumpkin wine this week.  I knew the name of the winery, the name of the wine itself, and had some bullet points I was all ready to research.  That will be put on hold a week or two.

I stopped by my one of my favorite wine shoppes, Wine World of Abingdon, MD.  The store is minutes from me and has been mentioned several times in previous posts.   The wine I was searching for was surprisingly not available.   However, there was no need to be sad or I may have never discovered this gem that was about to presented to me.

It went over my head that they also have beer (and now wine) on tap.  It’s hidden in plain sight near the back of the store.  I’ve walked by there so many times and overlooked what gems may be coming from these pours.

The very friendly staff member they’ve only recently started doing this since August of this year, so maybe I’m not completely clueless to what’s going on.

They had two wines to two try on tap. First was the Not Your Mother’s Merlot, which is a Root Beer Merlot.  I thought it was ok but root beer has never been a favorite of mine.   I think a lot of people will love it.  And it’s fitting for the fall season.

The other sample was their exclusive Pumpkin Spice.   With 12.0% alcohol content is deceptively light and easy to drink.  The sample was glorious and I gladly purchased a growler to go.  The wine itself was barely over $10.00 and there’s a small one-time fee of under $5.00 to purchase said growler.  And it can be re-used to buy future wines on tap at no extra cost, except for the wine itself.  I love the  deal and I adore the concept.


The tint of the wine is picturesque.


The wines on tap phenomenon is growing and I’m seeing the increase in popularity at many restaurants and wine bars.   That’s a post or two at a later date.


The pumpkin spice wine was a hit at home too.  We had a wonderful dinner planned that included pumpkin ravioli and fresh-baked rolls.  This felt like a triumph.  This seems like such an obvious pairing but it worked.   It may seem like overkill but we’re in the season and the wine and pasta really complemented one another well.



An important fact that my friends and I did agree on is, too much of this wine may not be a good thing.  An overdoing could lead to a headache.  If that’s what you’re looking for then by all means indulge!

This is meant to be drank slowly and reveled in a relaxed pace.   This is something that can be paired with so many autumn meals and sweet treats.  And we know that time is quickly approaching.   Nevertheless, the wine was very enjoyable and is recommended for any fall feast or party.

Upon finishing this bottle I could easily see a replenishing in the offing.

Thanks so much.