A Familiar Image…


I had to take a step back from a few things.  I write out more than just this blog (or in the other two universes I find myself orbiting, which you can find here and here), and I love writing.  At times you get burnt out. I know I have.  I was going at it at such a massive clip, that two plus years of consistent posts a week was going to lead to some sort of exhaustion.   I’m tired as I write this out now…

This is a wine blog, but when we write we also tend to get a bit personal.  That’s what we do.  The subject matter hits home with us to varying degrees, and we hope that the reader feels the same.  If not, then it becomes even more transparent and hollow.  And especially for the former, not in a good way.  You always want to be able to cast a shadow.

I like what’s familiar but then I like to feel uncomfortable.  I like to try things that are out of the norm, and may not be easily accessible at your local wine shoppe or any shoppe to begin with.


What drew me to Seaside Cellars Vinho Verde was the image of the lighthouse.  For I’ve seen plenty of those in images presented to me by family, by virtue of art galleries, picture frames, and from living in Maryland.  There’s sentiment on top of sentiment.  To say it hit a nerve and shed a tear would be an understatement.   With that being said, I hope the wine is great too.

Vinho Verde, which is literally means green wine, is a gift from Portugal.  It’s out barely months after being harvested, so it tastes young and ready to drink almost immediately.  And at around $10, the Seaside Cellars is kind to you in that regard as well.


This isn’t close to the best wine I’ve ever sipped but that’s not the intent here.  At least that’s what I think.  I just think this is meant for right now, like many things.  It’s about living in the present, enjoying the present, and being the present.  It’s important to just be.  Simple right?  Just like this wine.

Nothing should be taken too seriously.  It’s about having fun and I had fun with this wine enjoying the views off of my friends’ rooftop deck and appreciating the beauty of the day, and the beauty of life.


I had nature all around me in the forms of plants, flowers, and the shape of many other things to come.  It’s beautiful to see things start from a few seeds and become the beautiful entities they were always destined to be.   I saw these plants from the beginning and they look glorious now.   And the timeframe was similar to the bottling of this wine, a good 3-6 months.  I love the parallel’s.  I wouldn’t call this a coincidence in any circumstance.

I didn’t intend for this post to be a reset of things, but in fact I did.  If I implied it or said it, means that somewhere along the way I thought about it, I contemplated it, and I well, am living it.

It’s still September and it might be time for a few for seasonal wines before we transition into….

Not yet… I’m celebrating a rebirth, a rejuvenation, and a bit of healing.  The healing will be constant and ongoing.    It’s good to have a constant  I’m grateful for this wine, for this experience, and for everything.

As always, peace be with you…



The Mount

I don’t know where the time goes. We’re only eight days away from Thanksgiving and the timing of this post could not be more picture perfect.

And speaking of pictures.   I took a lot of them for this weeks post.  The experience and views at Mount Felix were absolutely off-the-charts inspiring.


For a couple of months I was intending to write about their Zuccato Wine. My genuine concern is that by the time I paid a visit the wine would already be gone.

I had made several trips to local wine shoppes and they said it hadn’t come in.  Which either told me they were already out or it had yet to be shipped. To my pleasant surprise, it was the latter.

Last week I made the trek to the beautiful winery to hopefully try the Zuccato along with some other tasty treats.  This was my second visit so I had some idea of what to expect.  But I was sure I was in for another day of fun and adventures.

The location is truly off the beaten path in historic Havre de Grace, MD.


After soaking in the remarkable and breathtaking views, a visit was made to their tasting room.

Mary, whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting before, was more-than-cordial and welcoming. She gave me the go ahead to take all the snapshots spread throughout this recap.  I’m grateful for that.

The room itself is so cozy.  There’s a few stools in the room and a table in an adjacent room for sipping and relaxation.  It has a very zen quality about it.   Most tasting rooms do.  We’re all there for the same reason and the energy that resonates is synonymous with that.


I want to keep the focus on the Zuccato.  This wine is so perfect for the holidays.  And when we think pumpkin, we might immediately think Thanksgiving.  But even before I sampled it, I had an inkling that this could just be perfect for the month of December as well.

Come to think of it, any wine is perfect for you whenever you want it.   If it makes you feel good than have it whenever you choose.

I was fortunate to try it chilled as well as well as warm.  I’m not sure which one I liked more.  It was a warmer day for the tasting so the chilled version was light and refreshing.   When heated up it reminded me of Christmas. And that gives me the warm and fuzzies.  There’s nothing too sweet or overpowering about this wine.  The pumpkin, apple, and spices complement each other well.  It’s a wine to be shared with friends or enjoyed in solitude.  Whatever your pleasure.

I immediately bought a bottle on the spot.   In hindsight I wish I bought more.   Luckily, I still can.  But you know this will go fast.  As you can see, these treasures are all ready to go out and will be extinct for the season in no time!


Mary mentioned that last year this wine was gone by late August.  How crazy is that?  But that signifies how great this wine truly is.  And how much people love their favorites and like to get a jump on all the seasonal stuff as soon as it’s released.

Here we are in almost mid-November and they were just released and ready to be shipped out to local wine retailers.  The timing and the everything happens for a reason analogy does apply here.   I had intended to come several times back in September and October, and either kept putting it off or got side-tracked.   Fate and destiny were on my side.

So what took nearly three months later than last year for the wine to be ready?  Mary mentioned they had an issue with the bottler which is something that is often beyond anyones control.   Things happen for a reason.  I believe this was worth the wait.  Actually I know it is.

I will be enjoying this wine more than once over during the next couple of months.  I cannot wait. I greatly anticipate indulging in more of their wines in the future.

There’s a beautiful patio area to relax and enjoy live music, along with other fun events too!

If you’re interested in learning more, here is their contact information.


I’ll part ways with some photos, including some new animal friends we made, which always makes any experience infinitely better!


Here is Romero, their mascot!  The Neopolitan Mastiff may look intimidating but he’s anything but.  He was happy to make some new pals! And we were too!

Happy Holiday!