What’s in the Box?


I was “looking” for inspiration for what to write about this week.   As soon as I stopped looking and thinking, it found me.

As I’m taking a leisurely stroll around the beautiful Fells Point neighborhood in Baltimore, I see my friends working but also enjoying life at The Frame Room in the heart of the community.


When you’re your own boss and your own entity, you can be open and available whenever you want to be. And that also means you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

I walk in and the first thing I see my pals doing is drinking some vino out of cups! Seems like my kind of party.  So what was the drink of choice?

Black Box Wine is something almost all of us of drinking age have had at one time or another.   You tend to see it at many parties over the course of the calendar year.   I’ve probably had it over all four seasons and likely each month in some way, shape, or form.  I’ve seen it served at outdoor parties and barbecues when it was nearly 100 degrees, holiday parties when the weather is perfect for it, and everything in between.

And for further verification on how it’s awesome all year round, here is their Seasonal Enjoyment Guide.  I’m loving them even more as I write this.

This wine is not for the snobs and for the so-called experts.  It’s a wine to enjoy with friends for any occasion you want.  It’s to relax, enjoy life, eat some good food, and enjoy good company with.  Actually that can be said for all wine.

But this has also been a wine of choice for my friends who otherwise wouldn’t drink wine.  And that’s great. I’ve had a couple of my friends tell me that Black Box led them to try other wines and now they can appreciate where they started from, even more. That sounds wonderful!

But the wine is so much better than that.  It has won many an award because there is a strong soul and spirit behind their varietals. I’ve had many of their grapes and thoroughly enjoyed them all.

The drink of choice was the Cabernet Sauvignon and it got the job done.  It tasted as medium-to-full as a Cab should. Tasting notes can be found here.   The oak was present and I’ve always sung the praises of oak. The more oak, the merrier. No fancy glasses today.  Cups will do just fine.


You get the equivalent of four bottles of this, for the cost of one.  I’ve seen them priced anywhere from $10-$15. How can you beat that?  It’s a deal on top of deal!


And I took many pictures in and out of the shop itself for your viewing pleasure.   It’s always important to local businesses, especially new ones.  It’s this sense of community that has kept neighborhoods like Fells Point thriving.  They even have a blog if you want to learn more about framing.


There’s great people behind the operation, so if you’re in the neighborhood or even living in the city, I would highly recommend them for your custom framing needs. Their specials can be found here and Contact information can be found here, as well as their location.


For more on where to find Black Box, you can click here.

Have a great one!




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