Boca Breeze


This will be one of the more visually pleasing notes.   Did I say notes?

I was invited to a gathering of friends.  Well maybe I just invited myself.   Regardless, I always like to bring something, whether it be a bottle of vino, a meal of food, or some sweet treats.  Luckily for me, I brought the former and everything else was provided.

My wine purchasing adventures has always been a highlight for me.  I sometimes like to go to parties blind, without knowing what will be served or what to expect.  I love the uncertainty.   On the contrary, if I know the food and snacks being served, I’ll research accordingly.  The 2015 Radio Boca Tempranillo from Hammeken Cellars falls under the category of unpredictability.


Once again, the label is what drew me in.  That and the fact it’s a brand I’ve never come in contact with.   And being under $10 certainly helps the cause.   So how was the wine itself?

The tasting notes can be found here but I’d like to tell my own story again.

I didn’t adore it at first.  It felt flavorless and monochrome.   I was sharing this dejection with my friends.  It’s not a persons fault for when they unknowingly bring a wine to a party and it turns out flat.   I’ve been known to be hard on myself for that fact.   But common sense prevailed.  I let the bottle breathe as one should.

From there, the experience turned magical.   My next glass evolved into something beautiful.  I should add that this next glass was my last, as my friends decimated the rest of it.  You might notice, the bottle is empty in these photos.

The strawberries, cherries, and imaginative spices shown through.  For a light wine this one packed a punch.  It just took a few minutes.  All you need is some patience and a sense of spirit.  It also helps when your friends are sipping with you and enjoying it immensely.


Speaking of which, good company will usually make even the most drab wine better.  But this isn’t drab. It’s a grower and now I’m a fan.

The food spread enhanced this already immaculate experience, exponentially.    The strawberries and grapes opened up some nooks in my already fine glass.  And this has a bit more tannins than I expected.   I’m happy for that.


All the food was amazing.  I give all the credit to the host and their impassioned cooking. Banana bread, croissants, chicken salad, and all the fruits and cheese encompass this iconic spread.

I’m a fan and now a convert.  I’ll be seeking out more Radio Boca and more of their expansive collection of wines.   And they got a lot.    For more information, you can go here.

These are the wines, the foods, and the events that make Spring so thrilling.  I can’t wait to see what’s yet to come.






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