Never Be Enough Time


My mini Susquehanna Heartland Wine Trail Tour continues from last week with the second stop being the beautiful Brookmere Wine & Vineyard Inn.

This is one where I wish I had spent more time than I did.   But the energy didn’t seem to lend itself to more than a few minutes visit.

Once again, as I’m driving down the interstate I see a sign directing travelers to a winery. Before I even decided to check where it was, I just followed the signs and took my fate in the atmosphere’s hands.

It only took about a 10 mile detour to get here and I’m happy I did.  Upon arrival, I see a horse-drawn carriage in the middle of the street going on its merry way.   The visual that I just gave you is just as awesome as it was in person.  I only wish I had photographic evidence but maybe it’s meant to be.  Let that memory remain with me and the privacy of the horse remains as such.  But after seeing that I knew I was in for a treat.

Matt greeted me as I walked in and asked if I had any questions.   Like last week, I explained my blogging passion and pictures were encouraged.

What stood out were the labels.  How beautiful are some of these?  The artwork, the imagery, and especially the animals, always wins me over.


The wine itself did not completely blow me away.   Nothing wowed me to the point of purchase or a second sip.  Even the Chambourcin and Cabernet Franc, which are usual go to’s were not amazing.  No wine was bad and many were decent.  It just didn’t hit me the way previous wines have.  Until…

The Red Fox, while having a beautiful animal friend on the cover, also was the one that captivated me the post.  It’s a sweet and spicy bottle that can be had summer or winter, chilled or heated, and everything in between.   The cinnamon is not too overpowering and was something unique to enjoy.  In going with tradition of buying at least one bottle at a wine tasting, I went with this one.  I’ll hold onto this for a while, until a special occasion calls for it.   At $12 it’s a more-than-reasonable find.


My one-track mind of going for all red’s also may have hindered me from appreciating what was in front of me.  I rinsed my glass and cleansed my palate at every opportunity.  It just didn’t work out as best as I had hoped. It was still a good time but there was something lacking.  Perhaps it was me.


This is where having some good company, making friends with other wine tasters, or having a friend or two with you would help.   The wines could easily taste better with a more stimulating conversation, good food, and good friends.  Maybe at some point I hit a wall going to a winery on my own.   Notice how this is a reflection on me and not on the winery itself.


Brookmere’s space was cozy and on top of that there is a bed & breakfast and wedding venue right next door to the winery.  I snagged a photo of the building next door and I can only imagine how charming it is on the inside.   Maybe someone will invite to their wedding and I’ll have an excuse to come back?  Wait, that was a no?  Oh well I’ll have to make a move to return sooner as opposed to later.


As I mentioned earlier, maybe I didn’t give myself enough time to appreciate my surroundings.  I did but a little relaxation and a retreat to a new location should lead to peace and tranquility.   There is no rush in life.  I’ll do it even better next time.

I hope you enjoy my collage of photographs!

If you’re interested in purchasing their wines, click here!

For part 1 aka last weeks post, go here.

Take good care,



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