Pretty Flamingo


Wine can be sipped in any form that suits us.  The traditional wine glass has always been my favorite.  But sometimes the universe (and dear friends) present you a pretty pink flamingo.  And the wine is a stellar Sauvignon Blanc from Pomelo, distributed by Mason Cellars.


By the looks of things it would seem that something fun and outdoorsy was going on.  You would be correct.  It was just a bunch of good pals enjoying a monthly free concert series, and more importantly, the comradery of the people you love  But on top of that is being at peace with ones self.  At least that’s how I felt about it.


I brought the wine, a few snacks, and everyone else brought something to the party as well.  The weather could not have been more delightful.

So what about the wine?  Everyone that had a taste seemed to like it.  I was in a great mood so the wine is going to flow much better than usual. But the lemon and lime zest with a hint of grapefruit enhanced the quality of this vintage.  That glass didn’t hurt either.  Only the crappiest of wines was going to diminish the experience of this day.


The tasting notes list aromas of orange blossoms and white peach.  I don’t recall any of this  I just had a wine that made me happy. But now that I know I will look for it the next time I get this bottle.  And flavors of passion fruit?  Oh this is going to bug me.  So many amazing fruits of Summer jam packed into this bottle?  I’m enamored.

This bottle can be found at many retailers for under $10.  I’ve spotted it in many stores in the Baltimore area.    You can purchase off their website for $12.00 here.

I think the price range of $8-12 is more than justified. It’s a simple drinking wine that works during the warm weather months, but I think it work at any time.  If it works for you than it works for you.


The lemons on the label are quite charming.  It’s a welcoming image that feels like home. Maybe it’s the reminder of a glass of lemonade, or cutting up lemons to add to some iced tea, or thinner slices of lemon used to add flavor to my favorite dish.  And maybe it hits a nerve in my subconscious that I’m not fully aware of on the surface.

I understand I’m writing this post Labor Day.  So the feeling of a new season is upon us and that leads to a lot more introspection and over sentimentality than maybe their needs to be.  For many people it’s just a nice glass of wine to share with the people you care about.  That’s a big point for me too but I look for signs bigger than that.  And I could be wrong on all levels but that’s the fun of this.


Fortunately, more festivals will be taking place in the coming months, which means even more opportunity for wine drinking, good food, and being outside with close friends and in this case, people I’m grateful to call my Baltimore family.   This is what I also mean when saying only the worst of wines was going to undermine this day.

This was a good day.





2 thoughts on “Pretty Flamingo

  1. says:

    Buen provecho, I favored a wine with all dinners that how we were raised. To honor and taste the spirits for each and good wine is a work of love, tradition, and magic.

    I always thought good wine had to be expensive and from France, they are still good, CA and Argentina Mendoza, Au and.Chile are making beautiful wines and affordable. I had German wine that cost a whole 12.00 dollars and boy. Then the Monton chadet from Rothschild’s poor vineyards is excellent. California is finding its way.
    Lovely Article

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