I Love Ellicott City


For as many years as I can remember Historic Ellicott City  has been a fun place for me to visit.  I’ve taken several trips with family, many with friends, and now the last few have been on my own.  It has been a breath of fresh air. It conveys the old town soul and feeling that’s fortunately close to home and just feels the same.

I’m not here enough.  Cozy and welcoming towns like this are where I was meant to hang out.  I can’t speak for anyone else, but I suspect many feel the same.  I can’t turn back time but a set-up like this is where I would love to grow up.  Maybe in the next life.  Maybe in a previous life.

Over the summer I found myself here, and not by happenstance.  I don’t believe in that.   I believe in destiny.   A little sight seeing, a little food, a little shopping, but mostly becoming immersed and lost all at once in this quaint and welcoming community.   I didn’t formally know a single soul here, but I didn’t care.  I felt like I belonged. If I lived here, I assume I would make friends over time.  It just has that energy.

There were a few stops I wish I had made back in July, but maybe some cosmic force had other ideas.   I don’t know what to say.  But just three months later I found myself back here and making up for lost time.  Maybe this is all how it was meant to be.  I can’t predict these things.


For the life of me I have no idea why I had never been to Pure Wine Cafe.  I love wine.  I love approachable establishments.  And I loved the energy of this place.  Yes it took me all this time.  Maybe the summer and every other time I walked by led me to this moment.

Well it only took me five years.


I envisioned this place being spacious yet snug and homelike, and that’s exactly what happened.  Sometimes your visions match the results.  Think about that one.

Dan, who is one of the managers could not have been more friendly.  We had a spirited discussion about wine, the joys of wine drinking, and the rules of pairing.  He, like me, knows there are no rules to this thing.   It’s about going with your instincts, your feelings, and the mood you’re in.  And just maybe you go against all that, but not this time.

With this being pumpkin season and all, one item from the menu caught my eye.  The Roasted Heirloom Pumpkin was my small place of choice.  So what next, oh right, the wine…


I was secretly hoping for a white to go with this and that’s just what he suggested. Actually Dan suggested a couple but I leaned towards some grapes I’ve never had.    I don’t have white blends often.  I tend to take those for granted.  I’m sure plenty of reds will be poured and savored as the colder weather approaches but I was looking forward to something different. Different can end up being a part of a repertoire later.

I went with the 2014 A La Carte.  More on these wines can be found here,  and over here.  And here’s a place to order online.  At around $15 retail in stores, calling this a bargain would be a major understatement.


Those grapes you see in the synopsis (look at W12 – more on that momentarily) are none I’ve ever heard of nor will I pretend otherwise.  But I loved the combination.  This wine is a winner.  As Dan said, this is a perfect winter white.   And this was an affordable wine by the glass.


I love how they’ve broken the wines down by body, strength, and value. I’m sure I left some other fancy words out too that I could have used.

Even more importantly, here is their story and why they call themselves Pure.  It’s all about the wine and the food.  Oh and the little things too, which could also be the big things.


My roasted pumpkin never stood a chance.  The pumpkin seeds were toasted perfectly, and the paprika and tzatziki sauce added flavor that I never thought to put on pumpkin. Actually I don’t know the protocol of what does or doesn’t go on pumpkin but this belongs at the top of the list.

This was a perfect pairing. This was affordable.  And this was the perfect day.


A nice quiet afternoon in a wine bar is always something to look forward to or even better when it’s spontaneous.   Find any beautiful town like Ellicott City, we can only be so fortunate to have a place to visit like Pure Wine Cafe.


This place is worthy of all the praise in the world.   But don’t take my word for it.  This is the awards show part of the blog.  

If you’re interested in visiting, here is their contact and location information.


But most important of all, if you’re in the Maryland vicinity, definitely come back to visit Ellicott City.  This is a town that’s loyal to their community, their businesses, and most important of all, to each other.   it’s a community that’s got so much going for it.  Many businesses will be opening and re-opening in the next few weeks and months.  And they would greatly appreciate our business.


I know I will be back many times over, so the posts will keep on coming.   I support local business, I love local business, and I love Ellicott City.

I leave you with a bunch of photos of what’s happening now, the flourishing, and what’s still to come.







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