Enjoy The Festivo


You would think with winter that it would be all about hibernating, keeping it low-key, trying to recoup money spent and lost during the holidays, and working on those all-too-repetitive resolutions.   I would think that all my friends would disappear and hide under their blankets, not to be heard from until sometime in March.

Well up until about a few years ago I would think that would be the case.  But now as much as we grow up, get older, get wiser (in theory), and just plain old want to rest; we still love the company of our friends.   And I have always preferred a casual dinner with friends, good wine, good conversation, and more good wine, which may lead to an even better conversation.  I’m all for it.

I’m grateful to have such quality people in my life.  It’s the kind of people that if you saw them enough, you still wish you saw them more.  Sadly, these are some the folks you don’t see enough of and wish you did.  That tends to go with the best people in your life doesn’t it?

Recently, a few of us did get together.  And the occasion was no occasion at all.  Which tends to be one of my favorite reasons.  Those are the hang out sessions where I’ve found the conversations to be the most organic, because it’s not based on one person’s birthday. holiday, or specific celebratory reason.  Not that any of those reasons aren’t great.  It’s just I’m all for getting together whenever possible, time of the year or otherwise.

The flip side is when there’s no reason at all, conversations may start of slow or awkward. I for one know I can be a bit of a slow starter and may come off well, umm, awkward (ha) initially.  Whether it’s the libations or getting in the swing of things, I do tend to find my groove sooner rather then later.  Speaking of those libations…


I didn’t realize this is how the post would turn so festive themed.  Now I realize why I purchased the 2014 Festivo Malbec.  Actually I had a bit of a premonition or a clairvoyance, that it would turn out so well and in such a way, that I can articulate this to you so organically.  So simple.  And this wine was so simple.


The synopsis is presented in to you here so I don’t need to get into specifics or pretend to know that I knew all that this wine carries.  Dark fruits on the notes and on the palate is an easily educated guess.  I didn’t get any walnuts in hindsight but would love to try this again to see if my mind either detects it or tricks itself into thinking so.


It’s a straight-up, no nonsense, medium-bodied wine that’s reasonable for the $12 I purchased it for.  I’ve seen it listed anywhere from $8-$11.  And even though the dollar amount differential is miniscule it should be noted I paid a little more than where you could find it online.  Or maybe this will help.  Ah I’m in a giving mood, here’s one more.


The moral of this story is I’m used to tasting wines $10 and under and this is what it tasted like, for me.  Nothing more than that and there’s nothing wrong with that.  It’s in lines with majority of wines I drink and look for in wine shoppes.

And that label sold me more than anything.

What was in that envelope?  Was it a letter of good news, an announcement that we won an award, or something from beyond?  Oooo cue mysterious music…


Well the award went to me and to my friends, as our host cooked up an amazing meal of venison steak and organically healthy vegetables.   It made the wine that much better, and that’s the point of all this.  Wine, food, friends, and all the little things in between is what makes me want to keep writing about this journey.  And it keeps drawing me to the same friends, time and time again.  And we meet some new ones along the way who keep the positive vibes going.

Let’s keep this going shall well?

For my friends in Baltimore, this bottle can be found at Canton Crossing Wine & Spirits, among other retailers.    I’ve posted throughout this article some online links to purchase and here’s one more.


There will be plenty of one mores to come!



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