Wild, Wild Horses


It only took me two years, but I’m back giving all the support to 14 Hands Winery.  Why I forgot to write about them last year as we approach the heart of horse racing season is something I can’t explain.  Maybe it wasn’t meant to be.  But why that is I don’t know.  But here is my post from approximately this time two years ago, raving about two of my favorite wines, that I still drink when I feel like looking at artistic renditions of beautiful horses, and in the mood to sip affordable and pleasing to the palate wine.


That Kentucky Derby Wine is just as awesome as ever, however, this time I wanted to turn my attention to a wine that I got at a bargain price of around $9 at one of those dollar over cost events a couple of months back.  Yes I said $9.  The 2014 Stampede Red Blend is one of those wines you’re going to want to drink, not just during race season, but it’s the perfect everyday wine to share with friends over some healthy (or unhealthy) appetizers, snacks, finger foods and anything else you want to call it.

I was fortunate enough to share this with friends on a gorgeous spring afternoon, with said yummy appetizers.  First and most important of all is what’s so amazing about this wine?  Well like many, I’m a lover of labels.  Even more paramount is a love for animals. Horses are one of those creatures that evokes feelings of love, caring, bonding, and friendship.  The way I wrote that would usually be reserved for the family dog or cat, but the love stays the same.  Any chance for me to promote how awesome animals are, in this, or any universe, is a welcome opportunity.


For me the wine on its own was awesome.  It had a slight hint of oak which on this day was needed.  As the weather gets nice too much oak in a red may not fare well for some. This was just right.  And I for sure tasted a little cocoa or something resembling coffee within certain sips.    Their tasting notes mention cherry and cola, so I was kind of on the same wavelength as the experts.  But who knows.


This wine paired well with some succulent and inspiring bacon wrapped scallops and good conversation.  My pals and I saw outside for a long while talking about nothing and everything all at once.  Well mostly important things.  Good wine leads to better conversations, especially with ones you care about the most.  And when the sun is shining and the weekend is only just getting going, everything aligned perfectly.


This is a wine that went down smooth and went down easy.  Maybe too easy. It was gorgeous. I’d love a bottle right now actually.


The blend of Syrah, Merlot, Viognier, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Mourvèdre is so incredible I almost forgot to write about what an incredible blend of grapes this is.  With a combination such as that you’d expect this to be bolder and heavier. Nothing could be more opposite this fell more on the lighter medium side.  But everyone’s palate and interpretation might be different.


What I want to note is that every 14 Hands Wine I’ve sampled has meant more to me than just being a table or everyday wine.  They’ve all had a distinct presence and aura that justifies the beauty of the wine, their labels, and most important to many, the price.

I’ve seen their wines listed anywhere from $9-$15 in many a wine store I’ve visited.  And I’ll tell you as wonderful as that bargain is, I would be justified in spending upwards of $20+ on their wines.  I think what they’re charging is incredibly generous.  Their wines taste like a $20 and over to me, and I’m honored that these wines came into my life.  I don’t know remember the first time I had the privilege of sipping their wine but each time it’s created a new memory and a new reason to celebrate this journey of wine drinking.

Maybe two years was too long but this is how this thing works.  All these incredible wine’s from these equally incredible wineries always find their way of coming back into my life, usually when I’m not always looking.   If that’s the case I should relax and let ti come to me.  But however I really want to review a few more of their vintages much sooner than the alternative.  We shall see how it goes.

And for those of you wondering, their wines are easily available in wine shoppes all around my area and in different parts of the country.  To see if their inspiring and off-the-charts wines are in your area, this link should serve you well.  You can also make purchases online.  They make it so easy, here is their contact info.   Their website is so user-friendly.  My love for them continues to grow.

For more about the incredible winery itself, click here.  If I ever find myself in the state of Washington, this is a place that would be a can’t miss and I would want to visit right away.

This is an exciting time.  Races start this weekend and this is the perfect wine to add to this, and any celebration you choose.   Whatever you do, I hope your weekend and month of May and beyond is enjoyable.


Happy May to you.




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