We’re Starting Up A Brand New Day…


I would like to think that I go into most experiences with the best of intentions.  I believe that many of you would say the same as well. When it comes to the wine drinking experience, a meal, a gathering of any sort, or anything, we want it to be the best.  Well not everything is going to be the best, but we hope it’s a great experience, and some to remember by.

Then there’s those other occasions where the wine is just not up the par, and a weak bottle is sometimes necessary to reset things and put things back into that perspective, or whatever melodramatic, romantic, or wishy washy term you want to use.

For the bulk of the next couple of months, or for however many weeks or time, there’s going to be a lot of white and Rosé talk, with maybe a red thrown in.  I feel like I’ve said this before.  But I guess we have to start somewhere, and this could be one of those reset buttons, as sometimes it’s needed.


This was an off week, but the 2014 Prospector Chardonnay from Pioneer Wine Co. (which I had a difficult time finding a link for) leaves a lot to be desired.

Not every week or story needs to have a theme, or anything inspirational to go with it.  Sometimes it’s really just a glass or bottle of wine, and then you go on about your day.  Well that’s how I felt about this wine.   The information is presented to you on the back of the label, but this was flat.


I didn’t overthink about a bottle to buy or what to do.  I saw something and I grabbed it.  At about $12, give or take, it’s not the end of the world.   I didn’t expect oak or bursting flavors, or anything that would be considered life changing.  I sensed something was off.  But as friends of mine have told me, feelings are fickle, and for the most part (if not all) we create our own happiness, our surroundings, and how we feel over the course of the day, and in our lives.

Wine is sometimes a game of chance.  If you don’t know what to buy, what to try, and you feel a certain way then you’ll attract chance, you test fate, and sometime that’s a good thing.  The element of surprise if your friend.  And even when its lackluster, those feelings are well, fickle.


Life is meant to be enjoyed and this wine was a chore.   For a medium-bodied Chardonnay it was about as middle of the road as it gets.  Medium to be me, in this instance, feels like it’s just there.

This is a wine I uncorked, allow some time to breathe, poured it into my glass, enjoyed my salmon dinner, and put my glass in the sink.  That’s how I felt about the wine.  If you can read between the lines or notes, then you get what I’m saying.


You don’t need to be an expert to know this wine is missing something.  It never got even into first gear.

Well you’ve got to start somewhere, and sometimes that means starting over. or just allowing the universe to reset itself.


There’s always a positive and a way to look at this glass half full.

Something tells me we get it back going again soon.

Peace as always Be With You.




Stop and Smell the Rose


I came up with that all my own.  And I’ve been waiting to say that for the longest time. Well for this post it makes sense.   Yes I’ll be talking about a Rose and it’s a teaser for one of the best wine lists I’ve seen by a restaurant in quite some time.

LangermannsThat restaurant would be Langermann’s in the Canton neighborhood of Baltimore, MD.


I’ll talk about the wine we had first.  First of all, I didn’t even order it.  But I’m grateful for dear friends who wanted to share their bottle with a friend, either me or someone else. The wine I’m alluding to is the 2015 Roscato Toscana from Castello di Bossi.

We had a wonderful group of friends hanging out.  Some I consider my nearest and dearest, and some that I consider family.  When the weather is gorgeous, the atmosphere is strong, the energy radiates, and the company is all of the above, the day is going to be magnificent.   Notice how I’ve yet to talk about the wine?


Even if the wine was half-way decent I’d be raving about it.   With that being said, I thought our Rose was tastier than I expected.  I don’t know if ‘tasty’ is a proper vino term and I don’t care.  I didn’t care at the time.  I did notice a tart or bitter taste that I haven’t grown accustomed to from Rose.  I thought the sour flavor might have been grapefruit. The tasting notes mentioned cranberry and cherry.  I could see that, especially the former.

But at the time none of that mattered.   I was admiring the label, the color of the wine, and how great our day was going.  I mean look at that salmon-like color.  Does it get any better?  It looks as beautiful as a cup of pink lemonade.   If I wasn’t careful, I would be drinking it just as quickly.  But that defeats the whole purpose.  A wine like this, or any other, is to be sipped slowly and savored with good company.  I was with some of my favorite.


If you look in the distance, in some of these pics, you’ll see folks relaxing by fields of grass. I didn’t take the most obvious of photographs but it’s possible to spot a bocce court in the distance.  Yes they have free bocce!

Most importantly I was at Langermann’s to support a few friends that have ties to this restaurant, either from working there or from hanging out there for a significant period of time.  That to me is the most important part of all.  We need to look out and support each other whenever we can.

For those who have been, you know the interior is large but quite cozy concurrently. And the outside dining area has a tranquil vibe that can only be experienced to understand.

Aside from a few entrees, I haven’t explored the menu too much.   But that’s all going to change soon.  The few appetizers and bites we’ve shared have all been top notch.  I expect more of the same down the line.

However, their wine list is one for the books.  And speaking of which, I assume it’s been vastly expanded then what I just posted.  There is one I can’t wait to talk about.  I hope to get to it later this summer or by the latest, early fall.


I’ve rambled on long enough.  Check out the place if you’re in the area.  I highly recommend it.   I do recommend the Roscato Toscana.   Personally, I haven’t seen it in a store.  My one time was here at Lang’s, so you’re getting an exclusive as well.

Hopefully this link or this one will help you locate this charming Rose.  Looks like it’s around $15.00 retail, which is a great value for what you’re getting.  Did I mention that immaculate shade?

Hope your Summer has been stellar.  More to come from one of the coolest hangouts in the city.

Sometimes you just gotta stop and smell the, well you know.  Enjoy one another.  That’s the most important thing.