Wine Is Fun


I love wine.  I love drinking wine.  I love talking about wine.  And I love hearing about wine.   Wine culture is meant to feel genuine and meant to make us and the dearest people in our lives feel good.  This analogy can be applied to anything by the way. 

There is something so brilliant about going to a winery or to a wine festival.   People tend to feel good, as we are all there for the same reasons.  We want to enjoy wines and enjoy each other’s company.  It’s a bonding experience. And we may even get to learn something about wine that we didn’t know before.  Speaking of which…

I have delayed writing this blog for nearly a year.  Because I am still learning and didn’t feel as if I was qualified.  Not a justifiable excuse.  Thankfully, the posts will be commencing before the holidays.  I’ve had multiple blog ideas in mind, so this is just the beginning.

I am going to be writing about wine from a positive and spiritual place.  This is not coming from a place of snobbery and elitism.  That is not my intention.

With that being said, in my next post, I will be talking about my current favorite wine.  And it’s from Harford Vineyard & Winery.

Thanks so much.





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