My Favorite


The 2009/2010 Maryland Cabernet Franc from Harford Vineyard & Winery is the best wine I have tasted.   And I’ve stood by that for a couple of years now.  And I have enjoyed some pretty breathtaking stuff.

The regular going price is around $16.99 and to me that is a steal.    I discovered this bottle at one of the great local wine shops in Harford County, Friendship Wine & Liquor, at a bargain price of $9.99.   I grabbed a bunch, for the deal alone, and just to try something new.  I am so grateful I did…

To me, this is what I visualized what a wine would taste like, even before I had my first glass.    The description on the winery site says there’s flavors of raspberries and dried black cherries.  If I educated myself enough then I could detect that.  I do taste some dry fruit, but I also could easily trick my mind into believing as such.

However, what does stand out to me is the toasted french oak and the touch of black pepper.  I taste a lot of the latter and it’s a beautiful thing. Incredible. Slowly I have been drawn to red wines that are crafted with Oak.   It gives me a warm feeling and tastes even better as the cold weather approaches.  The more oak the better. The addition of pepper just complements this wine perfectly. This what a superb wine tastes like.

I have had this Cab Franc  with pizza and I have found the combination to be dynamite.   In talking with folks, some have said they like it with pepperoni pizza.  A few suggestions always help.  But, a wine with a little pepper and a pepperoni pizza sounds right to me.  That is a pairing that is understandable and approachable on all levels.    I have also drank this with meat and cheese platters.  Perfection.

I had the great fortune to visit Harford Winery this year and I tell you there is a great aura here.   I wish I had taken photos.   The staff is friendly and there is a fantastic presence all over the vineyard.    I was informed by one of their team members, that there’s only about 10 cases left as of two months ago.   I will have to get on this.

And through drinking other various Cab Franc’s, I am happy to say that this is my favorite grape as well.   My inaugural post had a picture of that grape.  And how beautiful is that?

In future posts, I will focus on that grape as well as other incredible bottles I have had.   There will be reviews on Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania Wineries that I have visited over the past year as well.

Thank you so much.




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