The Peace and Spirit of the Holidays


Merry Christmas Eve.   Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones, in whatever you celebrate.   Here is such a charming wine I found around this time last year, poking around various wine shops around town.   The Chaddsford Winery Holiday Spirit bottle sold me on the label alone.   We have a happy Snow Couple enjoying the holidays and having fun.   This is what life is all about, not just during Christmastime, but all twelve months of the year.

This lovely spiced wine is listed on the winery site for $13.99.  I have seen it as low as $9.99.   And it’s worth the purchase. Just for the pure joy of adding to any holiday wine collection, it’s worth it.    And the added bonus, it tastes great, chilled or warmed up.  Now it may sound like a bias because I love this time of year, and you might be right.   If this tasted terribly, it then I may trick myself into thinking it tastes good.   But it’s terrific.   For lack of a better word, it tastes like Christmas.  And that makes me happy.

The cinnamon and cloves are easily detected.   Just as you would find in some of your favorite tea selections.  It makes this a very friendly and relatable choice for so many.

I’ve enjoyed it with various cookies, pastries, and chocolates.   I don’t know if this would click with dinner style meals, but whatever tickles your fancy.   Enjoy yourselves.

I would love to make the hour drive, just to thank the winemakers, for making something so approachable and endearing.   And I will.

I intend to make this blog a celebration of the joy of wine all year round.

Thanks so much and enjoy your holiday.




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