Williamsburg – Post Holidays


I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and are enjoying the New Year.    It feels bittersweet for them to be over.  But onto another positive write up about wine!   In a previous post, I mentioned how the vibe and wines of the town of Williamsburg and their respective winery felt like Christmas.

So we enjoyed the Susan Constant Red, but this time we did have the 2011 Lord Botetourt Red.  It tasted even better than last spring.

I am glad we save special bottles like this for special occasions.  We have gone past Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have amazing wines with just as inspiring meals.

I had mentioned previously that there was a grass/straw component to the wine.   There is something different about this taste.  It tastes like this earth.  It tastes natural. It tastes heavenly.  Unless I am tricking myself, this could be it!    The toastiness is easily detectable and the medium tannins were a great complement.

We enjoyed this wine with a great London Broil, potatoes, broccoli, and fresh baked bread.  A hearty meal which gives justice to the meal and bottle itself.  Tremendous stuff.

To me, this isn’t the typical full bodied, peppery, oaky red wines I enjoy the most.  But, this is on par with some of the best wines I have drank.  The winery states that it’s a fuller bodies red but for me it tastes more medium bodies, and that’s cool. These will all taste different to us.

I look forward to finding more wines containing Petit Verdot and more with these ingredients of the earth.   Another intriguing bit is the description says there is a hint of veginess.   Where that is I don’t know. Maybe I’ll detect it in the future.

All I know is I cannot say enough good things about the 2011 Lord Botetourt Red.  This is an absolute gem.

I can’t wait to head back to Williamsburg.

Happy New Year.




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